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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions – updated April 2018


1. Appointments and consultations

The Lamond Veterinary Clinic Limited (“The Practice”) provides veterinary services during consulting hours by appointment. Charges are applied on a consultation or treatment basis and items dispensed or sold over the counter are charged separately. Appointments are available in the morning, afternoon and early evening between Monday and Friday and on Saturday morning and afternoon. Urgent cases may be seen outwith consulting hours during the day, and a triage process is in place to determine the degree of urgency and treatment options. A fee may be charged for missed appointments for operations and consultations. All prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rate.

2. Out of hours

Out of hours emergency cover Monday – Friday between 6:30pm and 10:00pm is provided by Lamond Veterinary Clinic Limited veterinary surgeons who share an on call rota during these times.

Out of hours emergency cover Monday – Saturday between 11:00pm and 08:30am is provided by Vets Now.

Out of hours emergency cover between 4:00pm on Saturday and 08:30am on Monday is provided by WestVet.

A client who calls the Practice at times when out of hours emergency cover is in place will hear a recorded message giving details of the number to call to contact the on call emergency vet service in place at that time.

3. Estimates

The Practice can provide written estimates of probable costs for procedures and treatments. It is important to consider that treatments and procedures may not follow a conventional course and therefore an estimate will typically be approximate.  Practice staff will do their best to keep clients fully informed  of costs during the course of treatment and will notify clients if the expected fee is likely to be significantly greater than the original estimate. In the case of routine procedures the Practice will provide firm quotations.

4. Payment

All transactions (a transaction is defined as the transfer or sale of goods, services / treatments and fees from the Practice to the client) are to be paid for immediately following consultation or treatment.  The Practice accepts cash, cheque, credit and debit cards and payment in advance. In cases where a patient is admitted to the Practice for surgery and/or treatment, payment is due on collection of the patient.

5. Payment terms

The Practice welcomes forewarning of genuine inability to pay as specified in clause 4. Arrangements to pay in instalments, or in full at an agreed date, must be agreed at the time of the transaction, and a note will be made on the client and / or animal record to describe the agreed arrangement. Fees for vaccinations and routine procedures do not attract phased or deferred payment terms in any circumstances. If payment terms are not met, the outstanding amount will attract interest from the payment due date and will be subject to an administration fee each time a statement or invoice is issued for the outstanding amount. If no payment terms have been agreed, or if no forewarning of inability to pay is received, administration fees may be applied from the day the debt is incurred. Goods and services, which have not been paid for, will remain the property of the Practice until payment is received in full. If payment terms are not met, the Practice reserves the right to withhold routine treatments and the supply of goods and services until outstanding payments are received.

6. Payment terms – insured pets

Clients with insured pets which have incurred fees are required to pay the Practice in full in accordance with clause 4 above. Clients will be requested to make a claim to their insurers for direct payment to the client. However, in exceptional circumstances, where the full amount cannot be paid, then an agreement for payment arrangements must be made with the Practice. In such circumstances the client must provide evidence of a valid and appropriate policy. Payment of the policy excess(es) and payment for all goods not covered by the policy are due at the time of the transaction. The policy is a contract between the client and the insurer – the Practice cannot complete claim forms with client details, advise clients or liaise between clients and the insurers unless instructed to do so by the insurer. We reserve the right to charge for processing claim forms – fees for this service are not covered by such policies.

7. Payment terms – accounts

Should an outstanding amount remain unpaid outwith our terms, a reminder will be sent with an additional administration fee in respect of administrative costs incurred. Should it be necessary to send further reminders, further charges will be applied. After due notice, outstanding debts will referred to our debt collecting agency and further charges will be levied in respect of costs incurred in collecting the debt such as production of reports, correspondence, court fees, attendance at court, phone calls etc. Once referred to our debt collecting agency the Practice will reserve the right to withhold routine treatment until such time as outstanding payments are received and the client account is up to date. In such circumstances clients will be given notice of this action being taken.

8. Payment terms – defaults 

When a client of the Practice has defaulted on a payment, either at the time of a transaction or on a payment agreement, for any reason, veterinary surgeons and staff employed by the company will not, except in situations of extreme or urgent need, attend to any animal owned by that client, or any unregistered animal brought in by that client, or attend to any animal registered at that client’s home address, until full payment is received. If the Practice agrees to retain a client with a payment default record, all future transactions will be on a strictly cash only, payment at the time basis.

9. Payment – unsupported 

Any cheques returned by the bank as not honoured, any credit card payments not honoured and any cash tendered found to be counterfeit will result in the client record being restored to the original sum. Further charges added in respect of bank charges, administrative charges and interest charged on the original sum from the date of the transaction will be applied to the account. Full payment will then be due immediately. Fraudulent transactions will be reported to the police.

10. Goods ordered 

The Practice reserves the right to charge a re-stocking fee if goods, for example repeat prescriptions ordered by a client, are not collected within a reasonable time. A higher re-stocking fee may be applied for special orders which are not collected. The Practice reserves the right to charge the full retail price for uncollected special order goods in addition to a re-stocking fee.

11. Medicine returns

The Practice does not accept the return of medicines for credit, refund or exchange. The return of non-medical products may be accepted if the product is in the original, undamaged package. This returns policy does not affect the statutory rights of the client.

12. Second opinions and referrals

When another veterinary practice requires the details of a patient’s history for the purposes of a second opinion, a patient referral or if a client has changed practice, the records will be passed directly to the second practice or to the client, but not both.

13. External laboratory fees

The Practice will charge professional handling and reporting fees as well as charges for consumables in relation to external laboratory work.

14. Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions should be ordered at least 24 hours in advance. Drugs, and all other goods, are to be paid for at the time of collection or in advance (see also clause 10). The Practice will provide written prescriptions for treatments prescribed by the veterinary surgeons at the Practice, if requested. Prescriptions are chargeable. Clients may then present the prescription to a high street pharmacy, internet pharmacy or another veterinary practice to obtain the goods. All pets requiring on-going treatment with a POM-V (Veterinary Prescription Only Medicine) or POM (Prescription Only Medicine) are required to be examined by a veterinary surgeon regularly. The most common frequency is every six months. This examination applies to those clients who request a written prescription for their pet’s treatment and to those who purchase their drugs from the Practice.

15. Reminders

The provision of reminders for vaccinations and other services and products provided by the Practice is a free of charge service provided as a courtesy – there is no obligation on the Practice or its staff regarding the consequences of failure to provide such reminders.

16. Data protection.

The Practice will make every effort to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

In the interests of animal welfare, and to ensure compliance with the RCVS code of professional conduct, the Practice will obtain and store clients’ name, address and telephone contact details as a precondition of service. Other information will be obtained, stored and used and in line with our Privacy Policy. A copy of the Privacy Policy is available on request in the Practice or can be viewed online at