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End of Life care

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to our beloved pets is one of the hardest things we are faced with.

Making the decision to put them to sleep can make it feel even harder, even though we know it is the most loving thing to do when our best friend is suffering or has no quality of life.

Our euthanasia service allows our pets to pass away with dignity and respect. We offer home visits so your pets can slip away in familiar surroundings or alternatively we will try to make sure they are relaxed in the clinic with personalised arrangements.

We work closely with our trusted crematorium to offer a range of individual cremation options. Available urns and caskets are listed below.

You may wish to consider the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies’ Educational Memorial Programme (EMP) which is a chance to find meaning in the loss of a beloved pet, and a way of honouring a wonderful life, by donating your pet’s body to help educate and train the vets of the future.

Bereavement Support

The grief of losing a loved one can hit us harder than we ever expected. Some people cannot understand the deep and unique bonds we have with our animals and so their loss can also overwhelm us with loneliness and despair.

Please do not feel embarrassed to ask us for additional support as we are here to listen and help. We understand the pain you will be experiencing and can also direct you to other local support groups and services.

If you would feel more comfortable talking to a stranger, the Blue Cross have a dedicated pet bereavement phone line, which can be found here:

Urns and caskets

Bluebell scattering tube

The Scattering Tube is a simple, biodegradable container which will hold the ashes of your pet until scattering.

Evergreen scatter box

The Evergreen Scatter Box comes with a contemporary styled biodegradable tube, ideal for you to inter or scatter the ashes of your companion

Traditional Casket

This natural wood casket has simple edging and is supplied with an engraved nameplate.

Burford Oak Casket

This durable solid oak casket is decorated with carved, rounded edges and is supplied with an engraved nameplate (natural or mahogany finish)

Photo Tribute Box

This beautiful solid oak casket gives you the ability to place a photograph in its framed lid. The ashes are kept inside a satin bag.

Sleeping Cat

Our Sleeping Cat Casket is a poignant choice for our feline friends.

Elstree Casket

The Elstree is a hand crafted wooden casket, which boasts a rosewood finish and brass effect inlaid paw prints and edge detail.

Alderly Urn

Our brass urn is engraved with champagne coloured paw prints on the lid and has a sleek pewter style finish.