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Current Pricing Information

At Lamond Vet Clinic we understand that costs do matter and it’s important for clients to be fully aware of what charges may be involved if your pet needs a vaccination, a check-up or a routine surgical procedure.

We’ve listed some of the most common pricing enquiries below.

A plan for every need

Don’t forget that you can half the price of your primary vaccination course, and reduce neutering costs by 10% by joining the Lamond Health Care Plan.

To find out about plans starting from £5.83 per month click here:

Standard ratesIs there a Lamond Health Plan that includes these services?
First consultation£38.00Two health checks included (one at time of vaccination)
Repeat consultation£31.16Two health checks included (one at time of vaccination)
Dogs – Primary vaccine course £67.18Yes (after 1st vaccine is administered)
Cats – Primary vaccine course (core vaccines)£54.08Yes (after 1st vaccine is administered)
Cats – Primary vaccine course (including FeLV)£78.70Yes (after 1st vaccine is administered)
Dogs – Full booster£50.60Yes
Dogs – Leptospirosis booster£39.95Yes
Cats – Core annual booster£40.78Yes
Cats – Annual booster including FeLV£57.70Yes
Cat castrate £60.77Yes (10% discount)
Cat ovariohysterectomy£93.43Yes (10% discount)
Dog castrate (less than 30kg) £152.75Yes (10% discount)
Dog castrate (more than 30kg) £167.21Yes (10% discount)
Dog ovariohysterectomy (less than 10kg)£187.43Yes (10% discount)
Dog ovariohysterectomy (10-30kg)£205.46Yes (10% discount)
Dog ovariohysterectomy (over 30kg) £219.04Yes (10% discount)
Microchip £14.00Yes
All prices include VAT and are correct as of October 2019.

Our charging policy

Lamond Veterinary Clinic prices for veterinary services and drugs are competitive with other veterinary practices in West Lothian but we have no wish to compete on price alone and our priority is to keep our service quality high.

It is practice policy that all fees are payable at time of treatment / on collection of drugs or diets. Any exceptions (including insured animals) need to be confirmed in advance with the Practice.

Payments by cash, cheque, Visa, Access or Maestro are all welcome.

Fee estimates will be given for investigations and operations.

Discounts for multiple vaccinations (3 or more) are available to all clients.

Clients may wish to consider taking out insurance to help with future treatment costs. Some general guidance on pet insurance can be found here: