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At Lamond vet clinic we believe in providing the best personal, and clinical service to all out clients and their pets. We understand that in this current financial climate costs do matter, and that it’s always nice to be fully aware of what sort of charges may be involved if your pet needs a vaccination or a check-up. So we’ve listed some of the most common pricing enquiries below.
Don’t forget that you can half the price of your primary vaccination course, and reduce the neutering costs by 10% by joining the Lamond Practice Plan.
If you require any further information or estimates, please feel free to phone or email the practice and we will be happy to help.

Price (£)
Consultation first 34.80
Consultation repeat 25.94
Dogs – Primary vaccine course 67.18
Cats – Primary vaccine course (Core vaccines) 54.08
Cats – Primary vaccine course (including FeLV) 78.70
Dogs – Full annual booster (every 3rd year) 50.60
Dogs – Leptospirosis booster 39.95
Cats – Core annual booster 40.78
Cats – Annual booster including FeLV 57.70
Microchip 12.00
Cat castrate 57.88
Cat ovariohysterectomy 88.98
Dog castrate (less than 30kg) 145.48
Dog castrate (more than 30kg) 159.24
Dog ovariohysterectomy (less than 10kg) 178.50
Dog ovariohysterectomy (10-30kg) 195.68
Dog ovariohysterectomy (over 30kg) 208.61


All prices include VAT and correct as of June 2017.

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