Lungworm and how to prevent it

For the first time ever Lungworm infection is now posing a real potential threat to dogs in our neighbouring area, and with symptoms varying from a cough, to bleeding problems or even death, we are now advising that all dog owners consider whether their dog may be at risk.

Lungworm infection is acquired by dogs eating slugs, snails and frogs, or accidentally ingesting the slimy residue they leave behind, either on toys or grass, or by drinking from contaminated puddles.

It is important to understand that none of the pet shop bought worming products are licensed to prevent or treat lungworm, and so if you are using these products the chances are your dog isn’t protected and may be at risk of infection.

But don’t worry prevention is as simple as a monthly tablet or spot-on solution both of which can be provided by us. So if you have concerns your wee dog may be at risk then pop into the practice and we will happily talk you through the preventative options available.

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